“Communicate my ideas–that’s the most important thing. This is the world as I understand it, and I don’t want to say more than that. I think a part of it is that I still want to teach with the work. I still want to say, “Look, how important is it?” Are we willing to sacrifice our children for that? Is it that important to you that you are willing to offer up your sons and your daughters? I’ve got a niece who is about to go to Afghanistan. Is it worth it? Is putting her in harm’s way worth–I mean, what are getting for it? I mean, really it’s an equation. And so that’s the question that I want to ask. I think that my job as an artist is as an interrogator. I think my job is to ask the questions. And if I can change the world by one person–if I can have one person out there question something that I think is important–I think that’s what I want to do. Now, I don’t think that I can change the world. I don’t think so necessarily. But there might be one person…” –Jim Neel